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Jerome Tomko
PO BOX 1686 Plains PA 18705-0686 USA
TEL: 570/472-9137 (noon-10PM eastern [NYC] time)
FAX: 570/472-9489 (24 hours)

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This part of the site was last updated 5/12/2019. 

For those of you new to the site: the rarer / more collectible rock tapes are on the "PSYCH" page rather than the "ROCK" page, for the most part. I set this site up a long time ago (around 1998?) and that's how it is...

TAPE SHIPPING RATES: MEDIA MAL is $4 for ANY SIZE ORDER in USA. Elsewhere, rates will be calculated on a per-order basis for tape shipment. 

I also may be interested in TRADING the tapes listed here and / or BUYING tapes from you. Check the wantlist links below if you have anything to sell to me. I'm pretty much only buying & trading for tapes for my own collection these days so don't get mad if I turn down any of your trade / sale items. I still take vinyl in for resale, of course :)




C) ITEMS FOR SALE & TRADE (separate links for each category below)

1) Stereo 8-Track Tapes (broken into sub-categories below. Note the new categories for C&W, Easy Listening, Classical, Soundtracks/Original Casts)

Rare Psychedelia / Garage / Collectibles (rarer rock tapes are found on this page)
Soul & Jazz
Dollar Tapes
Country & Easy Listening
Classical, Soundtrack and Original Cast

2) Quad 8-Track Tapes

3) 4-Track Tapes (carts, not reels)

4) BLANK 8-Track Tapes (also some 4-Track blanks!)

5) Prerecorded Cassettes

7) Prerecorded Open-Reel Tapes

7) Vintage Hi-Fi (Old tape players, amps, turntables etc for sale. I generally DO NOT buy or trade for gear, except certain turntables, tonearms & cartridges, 4-Track cartridge decks and possibly some Quad items)  

D) WANTLISTS (for trades & purchases)

1) Tapes wantlist (generally applies to EVERY format, cassette, 8T, 4T, reels)

2) Records wanted (This is part of my vinyl site. After entering undergroundalbums.com, scroll down and cick on the "buy / trade" link on the left-hand menu.)
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I am a SERIOUS buyer of obscure '60s psych / folk / hardrock vinyl, in case you are selling any. I will pay high prices for many items, but I buy almost exclusively "obscure" groups / artists, imports (i.e., bands who did not get any US releases), etc, NO top-40 '70s "album rock", actually very little of anything after 1972 or so (except weird prog / heavy UK / Euro stuff), NO popular late '70s-1980s artists or "common" used records wanted, sorry. Longwindedness aside, if any of you have access to any large lots of promo records, sealed old store or distributor stock, cutouts, used records etc featuring "unknown" / non-charting artists from 1965-1972 or so, I'm VERY interested. 

UNDERGROUNDALBUMS.COM (My main site featuring vinyl LP's, 45's, and a handful of CD's).  If you entered this "tapes" site from there, use this link to return. To return to this site from there, BOOKMARK this page OR click on "tapes" link on the left-hand menu.

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