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NOTE: if your email bounces or you don't get a reply within 48 hours, please cal, write or fax.

THANKS for viewing this list. I would much rather trade than sell my tapes, and I am always buying tapes for cash. The list is rather long, and the "home" link is at the bottom of the page.

THIS IS only a general guide.  See the Ordering Information page for more info on selling & trading tapes to me, and other "categories" / styles I buy that are not mentioned in this list. This is technically an 8-track list, but I will generally purchase the same or similar material in ALL prerecorded tape formats (8T, 4T, reel, cassette), as long as the tapes are EARLY issues (generally pre-1972 or so). I've listed a few tapes I already have copies of, just to make it a bit easier to trade, as most of what I need for my own collection was already deleted by the early '70s, and is generally rather scarce. I also buy a lot of this stuff on VINYL (please view my RECORDS WANTED page [click the link, then enter undergroundalbums.com, then click on "buy / trade" on left menu to reach the record purchase info page] & use "back" button or bookmark this site to return here). 

MY QUAD wantlist is on a separate page: QUAD 8 WANTLIST

I WILL ACCEPT tapes with deteriorated 'soft' rubber compound rollers (many Ampex tapes and various others). I would expect to pay less for such items, as I will have to repair them before use. As you may know, these rollers liquefy when heated, so don't leave them in your car or in open sunlight on hot days, etc. The material is soluble in alcohol and can be cleaned up without too much difficulty. Just let me know the state of any tapes you offer me. I'll usually pass on tapes where the roller has totally melted down into the tape pack, unless it's something very unusual.

SOME OF THE small-label issues listed here may not even exist on tape. Conversely, some items that I have assumed don't exist on tape and didn't list may be out there. Please let me know of anything you think may be of interest to me- the more obscure, the better!

NOTE: IF ONLY the artist's name is specified, I am after any tapes by that artist; if a label name follows, I am only after tapes on that label. Any other particulars will be noted very specifically (there are quite a few that I only need if they still have their paper sleeve). I'm generally NOT looking for post-1970 versions of '60s releases, only the original '60s issues. 

MY TOP WANTS: Hunger-Strictly From Hunger (Ampex), Pink Floyd (any on Tower), Velvet Underground (Verve issues on white Ampex cart), 13th Floor Elevators (International Artists / ITCC), Freeborne-Peak Impressions (Monitor / Ampex), Aggregation-Mind Odyssey (Ampex), Christopher (Metromedia), Velvet Night (Metromedia), Victims Of Chance (Ampex), Surprise Package-Free Up (Ampex), Music Machine-Talk Talk (Original Sound), Ruth Copeland-I Am What I Am (Invictus), West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band (Reprise, Ampex, etc).

Here's the list:

Abstracts (Pompeii)
Advancement (Philips)
Affinity (Paramount)
After All (Athena)
Afterglow (MTA)
Agape (Mark)
Aggregation (LHI OR Ampex)
Davie Allan & the Arrows
Alexander's Timeless Bloozband (UNI)
Amboy Dukes (Mainstream / Ampex- ONLY first two albums in original sleeve)
Ambrose Slade (Fontana)
American Blues
Amon Duul (Prophesy)
Animals-Winds Of Change; The Twain Shall Meet; Every One Of Us; Love Is
Animated Egg
Apple Pie Moterhood Band
Appletree Theatre
Aquarians-Jungle Grass (UNI)
Armageddon (Amos)
Arica (Just Sunshine)
Art of Lovin' (Mainstream)
Arthur (LHI)
Ashes (Vault)
Ashkan (Sire / London)
Autosalvage (RCA)
David Axelrod-Song Of Innocence
Kahli Bahlu-Cosmic Remembrance
Barbarians (Laurie)
Peter Bardens-The Answer
Baroques (Chess)
Baskerville Hounds (Dot)
Beach Boys-Pet Sounds; Smiley Smile (white Capitol originals only)
Beacon Street Union (MGM with original sleeve ONLY)
Bead Game-Welcome
Joe Beck-Nature Boy
Beethoven Soul (Dot)
Bermuda Jam
Big Star
Black Merda (Chess)
J.D. Blackfoot (Mercury)
Blue Cheer-Outsideinside (Philips)
Blue Mountain Eagle
Blue Things (RCA)
Blues Project-Planned Obsolescence (white Ampex in title sleeve only)
Bo Grumpus-Before The War
Bohemian Vendetta
Bonniwell Music Machine (WB)
Boston Tea Party
Bow Street Runners
John Braheny-Some Kind Of Change
Richard Brautigan
Brew-A Very Strange Brew
Brothers Unlimited (Capitol)
Tim Buckley-same-very early Ampex only (pre-silver & green Elektra / Ampex title sleeve issue, i.e. "protective cap" sleeve)
Buffalo Springfield-same and Again, white Ampex w/ title sleeve or earlier issues only
William S. Burroughs
Joe Byrd & The Field Hippies
Bobby Callender-Rainbow
Canaries-Flying High With
Captain Beefheart-Safe As Milk (Buddah 5001 only); Trout Mask Replica (blue cart Straight only [NOT Reprise]); Strictly Personal (white cart GRT w/ picture box only)
Caravan (Verve)
Ceyleib People (Vault)
Charlatans (Philips)
Children (Ampex or Cinema)
Chocolate Watchband
Christopher (Metromedia)
Chrysalis (MGM)
Circus Maximus (white Ampex w/ title sleeve or earlier issue only)
Gene Clark-With the Gosdin Bros. (Columbia)
Collectors (WB / Ampex ONLY)
Common People (Capitol)
Bobby Comstock & the Counts (Ascot)
Condello (Scepter)
Alice Cooper-any on Straight (NOT WB)
Corporation (Capitol)
Country Joe & the Fish (early white Ampex w/ 'protective cap' title sleeve only)
Cream (white Ampex in title sleeve or earlier issue)
Creation of Sunlight
Crome Syrcus
Cykle (Label Records)
Daisy Chain
Karen Dalton (Capitol)
Darius (Ampex or Chartmaker)
David (VMC)
Day Blindness
December's Children
Deep (Parkway)
Demian (ABC)
Deviled Ham
Devil's Anvil
Dirty John's Hot Dog Stand
Dr. John-Gris Gris (white Ampex in title sleeve or earlier issue only)
Donovan-Mellow Yellow (white Epic only); The Real Donovan; Like It Is; Fairy Tale (Hickory w/ picture box only on these latter 3 titles)
Dragonfly (Megaphone)
Nick Drake (Island)
Druids of Stonehenge
Eden's Children
Edge (Nose)
Electric Prunes (white Ampex w / title sleeves or earlier)
Elizabeth (Vanguard)
Ellie Pop (Mainstream)
Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera
End (London)
Endle St. Cloud
Euclid-Heavy Equipment
Euphoria (Capitol)
Evergreen Blueshoes
Everpresent Fullness (White Whale)
Eyes Of Blue (Mercury)
Faine Jade
Fallen Angels
Family-Music In A Doll's House
Merrell Fankhauser & HMS Bounty
Far Cry (Vanguard)
Father Yod / Ya Ho Wa
Faun (Gregar)
Federal Duck
Fear Itself
Felt (Nasco)
Feminine Complex
Fields (UNI)
Fifty Foot Hose
Fire & Ice Ltd. (Capitol)
Fire Escape (GNP)
Firebirds-Light My Fire
Floating Bridge (Vault)
Food (Capitol)
Ford Theatre-Trilogy For The Masses
49th Parallel
Kim Fowley (Tower, Imperial)
Fraternity of Man
Freak Scene (Columbia)
Fredric-Phases & Faces
Freeborne-Peak Impressions
Free Spirits (ABC)
Fresh Air (Amaret)
Max Frost & the Troopers
Fugs (all except Golden Filth)
Funkadelic-same (only with art sleeve); Cosmic Slop; Greatest Hits
Fuse (white Epic only)
Fusion-Border Town
GTO's (Straight)
Gandalf (Capitol)
Genesis-In The Beginning ('60s MERCURY issue-NOT the UK group!)
Gentle Soul (Epic)
Giles Giles & Fripp
Allen Ginsberg
Glass Family
Glass Prism
Godz (ESP)
Golden Dawn
Goldenrod (Ampex or Chartmaker)
Graffiti (ABC)
Grateful Dead (any pre-1971 issues: white or black cart Ampex, yellow cart non-Ampex)
Grodeck Whipperjenny
Groundhogs (Liberty, Imperial, and 'Split' on UA)
Group Image
Growing Concern
Margo Guryan-Take A Picture
Hampton Grease Band
HP Lovecraft (Philips)
Hangmen (Monument)
Hapshash & the Coloured Coat
Tim Hardin (early Ampex w/ 'protective cap' sleeves only)
Hardwater (Capitol)
Arthur Lee Harper
Harumi (Verve)
Screamin' Jay Hawkins
Head Shop (Epic)
Hearts & Flowers
Heavy Baloon
Help-Second Coming (Decca)
Jimi Hendrix (white Ampex in title sleeve or earlier issues only)
Pierre Henry
Carolyn Hester Coalition (Metromedia)
High Tide
Randy Holden
Rex Holman
Jake Holmes (Tower only)
Holy Modal Rounders (ESP)
Lightnin Hopkins-Free Form Patterns
Horses (White Whale)
Human Beinz
Human Zoo
Hunger-Strictly From Hunger-Ampex OR Public
Sandy Hurvitz (Verve)
Id (RCA)
Ill Wind (ABC)
Impala Syndrome
Incredible String Band-same, 5000 Spirits, Hangman's Beautiful Daughter, on white Ampex w/ title sleeves or earlier issues only
Insect Trust (Capitol)
International Submarine Band (LHI)
Iron Butterfly (early Ampex w/ title sleeves only)
Ivory (Tetragrammaton)
J.K. & Co. (White Whale; I need the Ampex and RCA-made versions, but ONLY with original boxes)
Jade-Faces of Jade (GAR)
Jade Stone & Luv
Jameson (Verve)
Jan & Lorraine (ABC)
January Tyme (Enterprise)
Jasper Wrath
Jefferson Airplane (with art boxes only)
Jelly Bean Bandits
John's Children (White Whale)
Joseph (Scepter)
Josie & the Pussy Cats (Capitol)
Julian's Treatment (Decca)
July (Epic)
Kak (Epic)
Kaleidoscope-A Beacon From Mars
John Kay & Sparrow (Columbia)
Jack Kerouac
Killing Floor
Kingdom (Specialty)
Kitchen Cinq (LHI)
Kinks-Face to Face; Something Else (white Ampex w/ title sleeve or earlier issue only)
Koala (Capitol)
Lacewing (Mainstream)
Landslide (Capitol)
Timothy Leary
Leathercoated Minds
Arthur Lee
Lincoln St. Exit
Linn County-Proud Flesh Soothsayer
Listening (Vanguard)
Lite Storm
Lollipop Shoppe
Alan Lorber
Lord Sitar
Lost & Found (International Artists)
Lost Nation
Lothar & the Hand People
Love (white Ampex w/ title sleeves or earlier issues only)
Love Exchange
Mad River-same
Mandrake Memorial-all except "Medium"
Charles Manson (ESP)
Markley-A Group
Martin & Neil (Elektra)
Maximillian (ABC)
May Blitz
Maypole (Colossus)
Maze (MTA)
Mesmerizing Eye
Mighty Baby
Steve Miller Band (white Capitol only)
Mind Expanders (Dot)
Mr. Flood's Party
Monkees-Head (art box only)
Morgen (Probe)
Morning Dew (Roulette)
Mothers of Invention (Verve, and Bizarre w/ blue or yellow cartridge, i.e. pre-Reprise issues)
Music Machine
Mystic Astrologic Crystal Band
Neighb'rhood Childr'n
Fred Neil
Curt Newbury (Verve)
New Mix (UA)
Next Morning (Calla)
Nico (Verve)
Nightcrawlers (Kapp)
Ken Nordine (Dot)
Notes From the Underground
Nova Local (Decca)
101 Strings-Astro Sounds From Beyond Year 2000 (NOTE: this is THE ONLY one I want from this group!)
October Country (Epic)
Omnibus (UA)
Orient Express
Orphan Egg
Other Half (Acta)
Outlaw Blues Band
Bruce Palmer (Verve)
Paper Garden
Parish Hall (Fantasy)
Van Dyke Parks (white Ampex only)
Peanut Butter Conspiracy
Pearls Before Swine-ESP w/ picture box only
People-I Love You
Linda Perhacs-Parallelograms
Phantom's Divine Comedy (Capitol)
Phluph (Verve)
Pink Floyd (Tower)
Plum Nelly (Capitol)
Poppy Family (London / Ampex w/ original sleeve)
Power of Zeus (Rare Earth)
Pretty Things (Fontana)
Purple Image
Puzzle (ABC)
Quatrain (Tetragrammaton)
Queen's Nectarine Machine (ABC)
Question Mark & the Mysterians
Quill (Cotillion)
Racket Squad-Corners Of Your Mind
Rain (Project 3)
Rainbow (GNP Crescendo)
Rainbow Press
Rainy Daze
Rebecca & The Sunnybrook Farmers
Red Krayola (International Artists)
Remains (Epic)
La Revolucion De Emiliano Zapata (first 2 albums only, ask for info if you actually find one!)
Rockets (White Whale)
Rolling Stones (white Ampex w/ title sleeve or earlier issues only)
Sacred Mushroom
St. John Green
Saint Steven (Probe)
Salvation (ABC)
Ed Sanders
Savage Resurrection
Lawrence Schiller (Capitol "Documentaries" like "LSD" and "Why Did Lenny Bruce Die"-he probably isn't credited on the tape labels.)
Scorpion (Tower)
Seeds-GNP / Crescendo (DETAILS re duplicators: I need the self-titled first album on NAL or GRT w/ art box or RCA type plastic box or white ITCC; A Web Of Sound in RCA type plastic box or white ITCC; Future in RCA type plastic box or white ITCC; Raw & Alive in RCA type plastic box, GRT w/ art box or white ITCC...all their GNP / Crescendo tapes were done by at least 4 duplicators [RCA, ITCC, GRT, NAL] in the 1960s! I _don't_ need the GRT and NAL versions of A Web Of Sound, Future and Full Spoon, and I don't need the NAL version of Raw & Alive, or the RCA tub version of Full Spoon.)
Bob Seger System (white cart Capitol only)
Serpent Power
Shadows of Knight
Shakers-Break It All
Del Shannon-The Further Adventures Of Charles Westover
Shiva's Headband
Silver Apples
Jeff Simmons (Straight w/ blue cartridge)
Bob Smith (Kent)
Smoke (Tower or Sidewalk)
Soundtrack: Beyond the Valley of the Dolls
Soundtrack: Follow Me (UNI)
Soundtrack: The People Next Door
Soundtrack: almost any on Tower or Sidewalk, such as: "Psych-Out", "Riot on Sunset Strip"
Soundtrack: many rock or psychedelic soundtracks PRE-1971
Southwest FOB
Space-same (Hand or Capitol)
Alexander Spence-Oar
Spirits & Worm
Stained Glass (Capitol)
Standells (Tower)
Leigh Stephens (Philips)
Stone Circus
Stooges (Elektra, Columbia)
Strawberry Alarm Clock (GRT w/ photo boxes only)
Sugar Creek (Metromedia)
Yma Sumac
Superfine Dandelion
Surprise Package (Ampex, LHI)
Tangerine Zoo
Tea Company
Them (Tower, Happy Tiger; also the 2 Parrot LP's on white cart Ampex)
Third Power (Vanguard)
Thirteenth Floor Elevators
31 Flavors-Hair
31st of February
Mayo Thompson
Thunder & Roses (UA)
Tiffany Shade
Toad Hall (Liberty)
Tomorrow (Sire / London)
Tripsichord (Janus)
Troggs-Wild Thing
Troll (Smash)
Troyka (Cotillion)
Twentieth Century Zoo (Vault)
Ultimate Spinach
United States of America
Van Der Graaf Generator (Aerosol Grey Machine on Mercury, Least We Can Do on Probe)
Vanilla Fudge (white Ampex in title sleeve or earlier issues only, or GRT w/ art box)
Various: Fifth Pipe Dream (San Fransisco Sound)
Various: West Coast Love-In (Vault)
Various: other psychedelic-era compilations (PRE-1971 ONLY)
Velvet Night (Metromedia)
Velvet Underground (pre-1971 issues only)
Victims Of Chance-same
Wendy & Bonnie
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band
Westfauster (Nasco)
Whalefeathers (Nasco)
Wigwam (Verve)
Wizards From Kansas
Yankee Dollar
Yardbirds (white Epic only)
Yesterday's Children (Map City)
Zoo (Sunburst)


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