4-Track Cartridge Tapes

You must have a 4-track deck to play these. Four-track was the precursor to the 8-track. These tapes do not have an internal pinch roller (it is contained in the player itself). Mechanically, this format is more or less identical to the cart machines and players formerly used in broadcast studios. In terms of track formatting they are very similar to a 3 3/4 IPS 4-track prerecorded open reel tape (except that the 4 tracks all run in the same direction).

I AM LOOKING FOR any high-quality 4-track decks: especially MUNTZ HW-12 and M-500 (recorder). TOP 4-TRACK TAPE WANTS: West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band- Part One (Reprise / Muntz), Fugs- Tenderness Junction (Reprise / Muntz), The Savage Resurrection (Mercury / Muntz), GRT pic box versions of ESP label rock tapes (Fugs, Pearls Before Swine, The Godz, any others), GRT pic box versions of any Tower label 1960s rock titles (Pink Floyd, Chocolate Watchband, The Smoke, Davie Allan & The Arrows, biker soundtracks, etc.)

On to the listings...

IMPORTANT: Most are sealed. Any quantity stock is noted in (parentheses) before the price, otherwise only one copy avalable of each. Very nice items here; these 4-tracks are getting impossible to find used and finding NOS store stock like this is basically unheard of at this late date! None are cutouts unless noted "h" (i.e., cutout drillhole).

Sorry, nothing available at the moment!