All are SEALED unless noted. These are no different from any other vintage sealed 8-track: most likely, they will need foam pressure pads replaced, and the sensing foil splices may need replacement as well. I don't think any of these will have roller problems, though. ALL are in FACTORY BOX unless noted otherwise.

Only ONE of each type blank is available unless a quantity is shown in (parentheses) before the price. The prices shown are for ONE tape. Shipping charges are the same as for prerecorded 8-tracks. Listed by MANUFACTURER, and this should be obvious, but the time (length) shown is for four stereo programs at 3.75 IPS- if you use a stereo blank in a quad deck you will only have half the recording time stated for stereo. Any actual QUAD blanks will be noted as such with correct QUAD length stated.

These are all vintage unopened store or warehouse stock unless noted otherwise. I've had these stashed for, in some cases, many years. I was going to put them on eBay but I just don't have the time!

AUDIOPAK Professional 8-Track Tape Cartridge: 80 Min., these are old, they mention 4-track blanks being available on back! Made by Capitol (12) $8

BASF Sound Loop / 8: 64 Min. (2) $8

BLANK 8-Track Cartridge Bonus Pak: 80 Min. x2 (two 80 Min. tapes in printed bag you could hang on a wall-hook), old generic budget-line blanks in Lear style shells with hard rubber roller; price is for each bag of TWO tapes, and each bag counts as TWO tapes for postage (9) $5

CAPITOL The Music Tape: 45 Min., these are shrinkwrapped with a loose label, no box, was their "budget line" tape (2) $4

COLUMBIA ConvertaQuad 40: 40 Min., in nice box which is totally unclear about this, but I suspect the 40 Min. is the stereo record time, so these would be 20 Min. in quad, you remove a plug from the quad "slot" to use them as quads, pretty rare either way (3) $15

GRT: 35 Min. in black & gold box; may need roller $4

DYNATAPE: 84 Min. Lubricated Blank (actually BASF, think this is very early); label shrinkwrapped to tape, no box $5

PROFESSIONAL 8-Track Blank Tape: 80 Min., I think- they have "80" stamped on end of cart; really old generic blanks in orange and white box (18) $5

SCOTCH Dynarange 90: 90 Min. (3) $6

SCOTCH Classic 90: 90 Min. $8

TDK D 8 45: 45 Min. (8) $6

TDK D 90: 90 Min. (2) $8