Psychedelic / Garage / Obscure / Rare 8-Track Tapes

This page is the cream of what I have to trade or sell, and I would prefer to trade for items on my wantlist (these prices are irrelevant if you have tapes I want). Please refer also to the regular rock page and the dollar tapes page as there may be more of this type of stuff listed there (generally in somewhat lesser condition). On this site as a whole, most tapes are $5 or less, so check out the other pages if these are too pricey for you. I find fewer and fewer of the rare '60s era tape versions of this type of music each year, so don't wait too long if you are interested in collecting these! Demand for 8-tracks is still quite low, fortunately...

**I am always buying similar items in ALL tape formats as well as on VINYL LP.** TOP WANTS: Hunger- Strictly From Hunger (Ampex), Aggregation- Mind Odyssey (Ampex), Freeborne-Peak Impressions (Ampex), Christopher (Metromedia), Chrysalis- Definition (MGM), Ill Wind- Flashes (ABC), Velvet Underground- first two on Verve in Ampex 'protective cap' sleeves, Mothers Of Invention- Freak Out & We're Only In It For The Money in Ampex 'protective cap' sleeves, Pink Floyd- Tower titles in GRT pic boxes, many more, see my wantlist page!

Only one copy available of each tape unless a quantity is noted in (parentheses) immediately before item price.

Jack Bruce-Songs For A Tailor-Atco-VG+; h; GRT type white LearJet (roller replaced); essential UK prog oddity solo debut from ex-Cream bassist $2

:Colosseum-Live-WB-M-; LS/TT; black Ampex in title sleeve (EX); double play $8 OR EX; h; black Ampex; double play $5

Country Joe & The Fish-Here We Are Again-Vanguard-M-; white Ampex; fresh pads; TS (sleeve is VG) $6

:-Greatest Hits-Vanguard-VG+; fresh pads $3

Cream-Wheels Of Fire, Volume 1: In The Studio-Atco-VG++; white Ampex, roller replaced; pretty scarce $5 OR very rare earlier version w/ 3-piece labels (would have come in 'protective cap' box), VG-, white Ampex, roller replaced, plays fine, tape has been transferred into a replacement white shell (orig case had bad melted roller and was unsalvageable), top label is OK but worn, bottom label is long gone, small title label is badly worn and taped on $2

:-Live Cream Vol. II-Atco-M-; LS/TT; h; grey Ampex $8

Donovan-Catch The Wind-Hickory-VG+; PB; white GRT in pic box; fresh pads; box is VG (somebody defaced Don's pic w/ moustache & glasses...) $3

:-Greatest Hits-Epic-VG+; white cart orig; fresh pads $3

The Doors-The Soft Parade-Elektra-VG+; white Ampex; LS/TT; roller replaced; rare '69 orig in green-silver title sleeve (VG++) $8

Family-Family Entertainment-Reprise-M-; LS; h; yellow cart orig $8

Fat Mattress-Atco-M-; LS/TT; h; white Ampex; fresh pads; title sleeve still in shrink $15

Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks-Where's The Money?-Blue Thumb-M-; '72 black Ampex orig of ex-Charlatans classic $5

Iron Butterfly-Ball-Atco-VG++; white Ampex, roller replaced $4 OR VG+; white Ampex; fresh pads & splice $3

:-Iron Butterfly Greats-none-VG+; fresh pads & splice; generic boot w/ yellow labels & italic 'typewriter' font, really cheesy looking & very poor sound quality, must be rare! $3

The Jaggerz-We Went To Different Schools Together-Kama Sutra-VG+; white Ampex $4

Tommy James & The Shondells-Best Of-Roulette-VG++; white GRT; fresh pads $4

Jefferson Airplane-(Grace Slick & The Great Society)-How It Was-Columbia-EX; LS; h; fresh pads $8

Paul Kantner & Grace Slick-Sunfighter-Grunt-EX; LS $2

The Kingsmen-Greatest Hits-Wand-VG++; white Ampex; roller replaced $5

Lighthouse-Thoughts Of Moving On-Evolution-EX; LS/TT; swol; black Ampex in title sleeve (VG++, writing on sleeve) $3

Midnight Cowboy-OST-UA-EX; fresh pads; silver "Sonic Spectrum" end cap $4 OR VG++; fresh pads; swol $3

Steve Miller Band-Brave New World-Capitol-EX; LS; fresh pads; cover art is a highlight of the pic in the center of the LP jacket! $15

Moody Blues-In Search Of The Lost Chord-Deram-EX; LS/TT; white Ampex in blue-green title sleeve (sleeve is VG+); roller replaced $5 OR VG++; white Ampex; roller replaced $4

Mountain-Nantucket Sleighride-Windfall-VG++; fresh pads & splice; white cart GRT $5

Teddy Neeley-Capitol-EX; LS; slt tol; pink label Lear Jet cart, new splice & roller; cool '67 L.A. AM pop-rock (this album is actually by The Teddy Neely Five) from later Jesus Christ Superstar star $6

Steppenwolf-Early Steppenwolf-Dunhill-VG+; fresh pads; white GRT; writing on label $4

:-At Your Birthday Party-Dunhill-VG++; white LearJet / GRT, roller replaced $5

:-Live Steppenwolf-Dunhill-VG++; fresh pads; blue GRT w/ white label $4 OR VG++; white Ampex; roller replaced $4

Three Dog Night-Suitable For Framing-Dunhill-M-; LS/TT; in shrink; white Ampex in title sleve; roller replaced $15

T.I.M.E.-Smooth Ball-Liberty-VG+; h; wol; fresh pads; rare '68 CA psych $8

Traffic-Last Exit-UA-EX; h; fresh pads $5 OR VG++; wol; h; fresh pads $3

Bob Weir-Ace-WB-M-; PB; '72 orig in pic box (EX) $10

Leslie West-Mountain-Bell-EX; ITCC orig in ITCC sleeve $4 OR EX; fresh pads; sawcut; white GRT $4

The Who-Meaty Beaty Big & Bouncy-Decca-VG++; fresh pads; Record Club of America version $4

Youngbloods-Earth Music-RCA-M-; "Custom Edition" (probably '70s budget line RE) w/ cover art on top label $4