The big ol' ROCK 8-TRACK TAPES page

Remember to check the dollar tapes page for more rock.  The rarer items and garage / psychedelia type stuff can be seen on the psych page. Many sealed original tapes listed now!

Addrisi Brothers-We've Got To Get It On Again-Columbia-SS; LS (2) $3

Aerosmith-Toys In The Attic-Columbia-VG++; grey cart; Dolby tape; swol $8

The Allman Brothers Band-Atco-VG; pink cart w/ Ampex type labels $3 OR VG++ truckstop boot w/ psychedelic labels $2

:-Brothers And Sisters-Capricorn-EX; fresh splice; '73 orig $4

Brian Auger's Oblivion Express-RCA-M-; h; '71 orig $5

Badfinger-Magic Christian Music-Apple-M-; LS; fresh pads $10 

Beach Boys-20/20-Capitol-VG-; white cart w/ pink label; fresh pads; plays fine, badly worn labels $2

:-Holland-Reprise-VG; '73 orig $2

Beatles-(Paul McCartney [& Wings])-Ram-"Melody Recordings" truckstop boot w/ weird art of a bunch of colored pencil ends (?), M-; LS $5

:-Harrison, Lennon, And McCartney-Swan-VG; worn label; fresh pads & splice; old gas station boot on "Swan" label is a unique comp of '69-'70 solo tracks: My Sweet Lord, Teddy Boy, Isn't It A Pity, Give Peace A Chance, Maybe I'm Amazed, Isolation, What Is Life, Working Class Hero, Another Day, Beware Of Darkness, Mother, Every Night... all needle drops complete w/ vinyl noise and record-changer rumble! Only copy I've ever seen $8

Bee Gees-Odessa-Atco-VG++; white Ampex; roller replaced; tiny tol; double play '69 orig $5

:-Cucumber Castle-Atco-SS; h; LS/TT; white Ampex $8

:-Rare, Precious & Beautiful-Atco-M-; LS/TT; white Ampex; roller replaced; yelow title sleeve (sleeve is EX) $12 OR VG++; TS; white Ampex; roller replaced $4 OR M-; h; LS/TT; odd version, looks like normal white Ampex in yellow title box but no "Ampex" logos and white RCA rivet cart, maybe a club version? $15

:-Rare, Precious & Beautiful Volume 2-Atco-VG; PB; RCA style rivet cart in pic box (VG, swol); cart had been de-riveted to replace splice and glued together w/ mucilage (or something), looks funky, plays fine $2

:-Two Years On-Atco-EX; LS/TT; black Ampex in yellow title sleeve (VG++) $4

:-Trafalgar-Atco-M-; h; LS/TT; black Ampex in yellow title sleeve $4 OR EX; LS/TT; black Ampe x in yellow title sleeve (VG+) $3

:-To Whom It May Concern-Atco-SS pink cart in art box $15 OR M-; h; pink cart in art box $8

Black Sabbath-We Sold Our Soul For Rock 'n' Roll Vol. 1-Westboro-EX; swol; fresh pads & splice; generic truckstop boot but has a label name & address (in Cleveland, OH)! Wonder what sort of low-level criminal enterprise made this one? Sounds like a needle drop off a rumbly cheap stereo and has legal loophole "re-creations of top hits played by our studio musicians"'s just a bad dub of a Sabbath LP! $4

Blood, Sweat & Tears-Columbia-VG+; fresh pads; label bubbling; 18 10 0552 orig; second album w/ "Spinning Wheel" etc $3

:-B,S&T: 4-Columbia-SS; LS $5

Brewer & Shipley-Tarkio Road-SS; LS/TT; black Ampex; w/ "One Toke Over The Line" $3

Brooklyn Bridge-Buddah-VG+; white Ampex; roller replaced; one of those fairly well-known bands I never heard until recently, since they were usually billed as "Featuring Johnny Maestro" I assumed they were doo-wop revival like Sha Na Na, however they are more like BS&T with some Fudge / Rascals '60s psych thrown in $2

Buffalo Springfield-Best Of / Retrospective-Atco-VG-; tol; worn label; white Ampex, roller replaced $2

Cher-Bittersweet White Light-MCA-SS; LS (2) $4

Chicago Transit Authority-Columbia-VG+; fresh pads; loose copy of Volume 1 only $2

Chicago-Columbia-EX; fresh pads $5 OR VG++; fresh pads $4; both= 18 BO 0858 orig (2nd album) 

David Clayton-Thomas-Columbia-SS; LS $5

Rita Coolidge-A&M-SS; LS (2) $3

Alice Cooper-Killer-VG; grey Ampex $2

Bill Cosby-To Russell, My Brother, Whom I Slept With-WB-VG++; fresh pads; yellow Audiopak cart, 'W7' logos...I don't have a comedy section so Bill goes here, classic album from '68, though Bill now apparently might be a really evil cat... $3

Creedence Clearwater Revival-Willy And The Poor Boys-Fantasy-VG++; swol; black Ampex; LS/TT; fresh splice; red & black title sleeve $8 

CSNY-4 Way Street-Atlantic-EX; fresh pads; Record Club Of America issue $4

Cymarron-Rings-Entrance-SS; LS (2) $8

Daddy Dewdrop-Sunflower-SS; PB; GRT in pic box (2) $5

Delaney & Bonnie-Country Life-Atco-SS; LS/TT; black Ampex $4

Delaney & Bonnie & Friends-D & B Together-Columbia-SS; LS (2) $5

Derek & The Dominos-In Concert-RSO-VG++; fresh splice; '73 pink cart orig $4

Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show-Doctor Hook-Columbia-M-; LS; fresh pads & splice; w/ "Sylvia's Mother" $4

Duelling Banjos-From The Original Soundtrack Of Deliverance & Additional Music Performed By Eric Weissberg & Steve Mandel.-WB-SS; PB; '73 orig; whatta title, they should've just named it "Squeal Like A Pig"! $3

Bob Dylan-Nashville Skyline-Columbia-VG+; fresh pads; label bubbling; 18 10 0670 orig $5

:-Self Portrait-Columbia-M-; fresh pads $6

:-Slow Train Coming-Columbia-VG++; fresh pads; in Columbia House sleeve $3

8 Great Original Hits, Vol. 2-RCA-SS; LS; shrink torn; budget line comp ($4.95 list and $4.29 retail pricetags on shrink) w/ one song each from Guess Who, Nilsson, Youngbloods, Zager & Evans, Friends Of Distinction, etc; these comps basically existed to get people to buy car stereos... $4

Emerson, Lake & Palmer-Tarkus-Cotillion-EX; black Ampex $3

Faces-A Nod Is As Good As A Wink...To A Blind Horse-WB-EX; black Ampex $4

Fairport Convention-Angel Delight-A&M-VG++; fresh pads $3

Focus-Live At The Rainbow-Sire-EX; LS; fresh pads; blue GRT $3

Roosevelt Franklin-The Year Of Roosevelt Franklin-Columbia-SS; LS; Franklin was, of course, "Gordon's Friend From Sesame Street"; not sure if this belongs in rock! $5

Grand Funk Railroad-Survival-Smile-VG++; cool old truckstop boot w/ orange & black graphics in yellow Ampex type cart / labels $3

Arlo Guthrie-Running Down The Road-Reprise-SS; LS; yellow cart orig (2) $4

:-Last Of The Brooklyn Cowboys-Reprise-SS; PB; '73 pic box orig (2) $3

Jimi Hendrix-The Cry Of Love-Reprise-VG+; yellow Ampex $3

Elton John-Uni-VG+; fresh pads & splice $3

:-Friends (OST)-Paramount-SS; LS (2) $4

Andy Kim-Baby I Love You-Paramount-SS; LS $4

:-How'd We Ever Get This Way-Paramount-SS; LS $4

Carole King-Tapestry-none-VG++; generic boot w/ "barn" artwork $2

Al Kooper-A Possible Projection Of The Future / Childhood's End-Columbia-SS; LS $5

Live At Bill Graham's Fillmore West-Columbia-SS; LS; w/ Nick Gravenites, Taj Mahal, Mike Bloomfield $5

The Marshall Tucker Band-Capricorn-SS; PB; '73 pic box orig (2) $4

Mason Profitt-Bareback Rider-WB-SS; PB; '73 pic box orig (2) $4

Don McLean-Tapestry-Mediarts-M-; LS/TT; h; black Ampex in title sleeve (box is VG++) $2

Buddy Miles-Them Changes-Mercury-M-; fresh pads; LS $3

:-We Got To Live Togeher-Mercury-EX; LS; fresh pads $3

:-A Message To The People-Mercury-SS; LS $4

Joni Mitchell-Song To A Seagull-Reprise-VG++; black Ampex $3

:-Clouds-Reprise-SS; LS; h; mid '70s version $4

Moody Blues-On The Threshold Of A Dream-Deram-EX; white Ampex; fresh pads $3

More Heavy Sounds-Columbia-SS; LS; w/ Chicago, Santana, Byrds, Johnny Winter, NRBQ, PG&E, Janis Joplin, etc (2) $5

Mountain-Flowers Of Evil-Windfall-VG+; fresh pads; white GRT $2

New Riders Of The Purple Sage-Brujo-Right On Rock-VG++; fresh pads; old truckstop boot $2

Don Nix-Living By The Days-Elektra-SS; LS; green cart orig $4

No Nukes-Asylum-SS; LS; h; 2 tapes shrinkwrapped together, shrink is partly torn; CSN, Doobie Bros., Springsteen, Tom Petty, Gil Scott-Heron, Ry Cooder etc $4

Laura Nyro-New York Tendaberry-Columbia-EX; LS; fresh pads $4

Rascals-Time Peace / The Rascals' Greatest Hits-Atlantic-VG++; fresh pads; GRT style cart $3

:-Freedom Suite-Atlantic-SS; h; LS/TT; Vol. 1 only; shrink torn; white Ampex (2) $4 OR Vol. 2 only (subtitled "Music Music"): SS; LS/TT; white Ampex $5 OR SS; h; LS/TT; white Ampex $4 OR VG++; white Ampex; fresh pads $2

:-See-Atlantic-SS; PB; h; GRT type pic box $4 OR SS; h; LS/TT; white Ampex (3) $4

:-Peaceful World-Columbia-M-; LS; fresh pads $5 OR EX; h; fresh pads & splice $4 OR VG++; h; fresh pads; excellent jazzy double LP (on one tape) $3

Don Rickles-Speaks!-WB-SS; LS; yellow cart orig (2) $4

Johnny Rivers-Rewind-Liberty-SS; silver "Sonic Spectrum" end cap $5

Tom Rush-Columbia-SS; LS $5

Doug Sahm & Band-Atlantic-SS; PB; pink cart '73 orig, not cutout $3

Santana-Columbia-VG++; fresh pads; '69 orig $4

Saturday Night Live-TV Soundtrack-Arista-EX; fresh pads; Columbia House issue $3

Seals & Crofts-Year Of Sunday-WB-SS; LS/TT; '71 black Ampex orig $4 OR SS; PB; '72 pic box $3

:-Diamond Girl-WB-SS; PB; '73 pic box orig (2) $5

:-Unborn Child-WB-SS; PB; '74 pic box orig (3) $3

John Sebastian-Cheapo-Cheapo Productions Presents Real Live-Reprise-SS; LS/TT; yellow Ampex (2) $3

Simon & Garfunkel-Bridge Over Troubled Water-Columbia-VG+; fresh pads; 18 10 0750 orig; corner of top label is torn off $3

Solid Gold Rock-Melody Recordings-SS; LS; "crown & scepter" label truckstop boot comp w/ CCR, Ides Of March, Three Dog Night, Lee Michaels, Youngbloods, Neil Young, Moodies, Simon & Garfunkel etc $5

Spanky & Our Gang-Live-Mercury-M-; LS; h; fresh pads $3

Steppenwolf-Gold-VG, old truckstop boot with cool gold & black foil label $3

John Stewart-The Lonesome Picker Rides Again-WB-EX; black Ampex $3

Rod Stewart-The Rod Stewart Album-Mercury-M-; LS; fresh pads; orig $4

:-Gasoline Alley-Mercury-M-; LS; fresh pads; orig $4

Kate Taylor-Sister Kate-Cotillion-SS; LS/TT; black Ampex (2) $3

Livingston Taylor-Atco-SS; LS/TT; white Ampex $3

10 C.C.-The Original Soundtrack-Mercury-SS; LS; h; w/ "I'm Not In Love" $3

Three Dog Night-It Ain't Easy-Dunhill-VG; white GRT; fresh pads; name written in marker on cart $2 OR VG; white Ampex; fresh pads; label is worn $2 (specify which one you want, if it matters...)

:-Harmony-Dunhill-M-; LS/TT; black Ampex; sleeve is VG $4

Who-Who's Next-VG+, generic looking old truckstop boot $2

Neil Young-Harvest-Reprise-VG++; grey Ampex; slt tol $3

ZZ Top-Tejas-London-M-; swol; tan cart Columbia House issue in Columbia House sleeve $4