Vintage Hi-Fi: 8-Track Decks, Amps, Etc.

Everything on this page is sold as is, no retutrns.  I will test each item for functionality before listing and describe each item as best I can, but bear in mind this is generally 20-30+ year old gear that I found at yard sales.  I am generally unaware of the service or usage history of any of these items; I will only describe each item in terms of how it is functioning as I am preparing to list said item.  By purchasing any item from this page you agree to these terms:

1) Each item is sold as-is, no refunds, returns or warrantees of any sort under any circumstances.

2) Purchaser agrees to assume all responsibility for any damage or injury to himself, other electronic equipment, or possessions that results from the use of or attempts to modify or service any item purchased via this website. Please refer all necessary electronic service work to a qualified technician.

That last one is not likely to be a problem, but you never know.  Please don't electrocute yourself (or blow up your good speakers or amp, etc) messing around with old gear.

After all that, sorry to say I don't have anything to sell at the moment!  Please check back occasionally, I will be adding gear within the next month or so.