TAPES are graded with a system not unlike record grading. BOXES are noted with abbreviations, but are only graded if they are significantly different in grade from the tape.

EVERYTHING IS SOLD / TRADED AS-IS. No guarantees or refunds regarding condition, playablity etc. As stated on ordering info page, I do insure everything I send within the USA, and registration / insurance is available on foreign shipments, so you won't have any problems with reimbursement in the event of anything getting lost or broken by the PO. I assume that if you collect these things, you are adept in repairing & restoring them. If not, check the 8-TRACK HEAVEN website for more info than you'll ever need about repair, maintenance, etc.  (Use your "back" button or bookmark my site to return.)

TAPE GRADING: grading is for the overall condition / wear of the cart & especially the label.

MOST tapes here have been at least briefly play-tested; if I know there's some problem in playback, I'll surely mention it. Some used tapes (not many) will need a new splice (sensing foil) and foam pads. Many tapes have been given the complete treatment already- the ones that have been done up already will note "new pads", "new splice" or both in the descrption. I use the mighty WIN-GIB pads to replace the rotten old ones, and I use NOS (1990s vintage) Radio Shack sensing foil for splices, reinforced with generic RTR splicing tape on back. Generally, if the description does not note that the pads or splice were replaced it means the splice was good when I checked it (doesn't mean it won't fail tomorrow) and / or the pads were of the spring / felt variety and still good. However, ALL BAD ROLLERS (Ampex, green GRT etc) have been neatly replaced unless noted "bad roller" (mostly just a few still-sealed tapes I don't want to open). Keep in mind most SS tapes generally will need pads & splices too.    

SS means factory sealed, never opened or used.

M- means the tape basically looks new or nearly new.

EX means the tape is slightly used but still in excellent shape.

VG+ means it's obviously seen plenty of use, but still basically OK, no badly torn labels, writing, scotch tape etc unless noted.

VG means it's a bit messy, but not trashed.  If something looks trashed, I'll just say "trashed".

BOXES are noted thusly:

PB means factory photo box with album cover pictured on the paper sleeve (early GRT, early RCA, mid-'70s Ampex / WEA etc).

TS means factory title sleeve.  This means a box with the album title & song titles printed on it, and a diecut "window" to view the cover pic on the tape itself (early Ampex, etc).

LS means record label sleeve.  The original company box with the name of the record label on it but no mention of the title of the specific tape on the box (Columbia, Capitol etc).  

LS/TT means a label sleeve as described above, but with a paper title tag on one end, usually stating the artist name, LP title & catalog number (very early Ampex & Columbia, some ITCC, etc).

IF a description contains NONE of these abbreviations, assume there is NO paper sleeve (i.e. it is long vanished), or there is a generic or incorrect sleeve on the tape for protection.

OTHER ABBREVIATIONS used to note flaws on tapes, boxes:

WOC, WOL: writing on cover, labels

TOC, TOL: tear on cover, labels

"h" means there is a cutout hole in the tape and / or box.

Assume the flaws are minor unless noted otherwise ("big tear" etc).  Broken cases, scotch tape etc. will be mentioned.  

I will also mention printing info ("white cart Ampex", "pink label Capitol" and so forth) where I think it's useful, but feel free to ask if you are unclear on what issue of a given tape I am offering. Some "classic rock" 8's were on catalog literally through most of the existence of the format (like the Doors, Hendrix etc) and saw 10 or more distinct printings by different duplicators, record clubs, etc. I've been collecting these since the 70's and I can usually tell you exactly what printing I have of any item.