Country & Easy Listening 8-tracks

Mostly sealed old store stock from these genres; check the dollar tapes page for more items in these genres; also check under cassettes and reel tapes if you collect those, as I may have sealed items in these categories in those formats as well.

Only one copy of each tape is available unless a quantity is noted in (parentheses) immediately before the item price.

Capitol tapes are black cart unless noted "white cart". Really early Capitols with white, green, blue labels, Lear carts and other odd stuff will be noted, otherwise assume the white carts have pink end labels. Pic box and tub case RCA's will be noted as well. Most of this stuff was manufactured from 1966-1970.

Easy Listening


Country (and some Folk / Americana)

Ed Ames-Time, Time-RCA-SS in "smiling couple" sleeve $8

Danny Davis & The Nashville Brass-Down Homers-RCA-M-; PB; splice is broken, you will have to open the 'rivet' cart with a soldering iron to repair! $2

Eddie Dean-Little Green Apples-Riviera-SS; LS $5

Lon Harmon-Anytime & Other Sountry & Western Favorites-Riviera-SS; LS $5

Billy Hayden-Last Date & Other Country Piano Favorites-Riviera-SS; LS $5

Johnny Meeks-Skip A Rope-Riviera-SS; LS $5

The Nashville Scene-Reb Allen / The Fightin' Side Of Me-Vogue-SS; LS $5

Carl Smith-Special-Columbia Limited Edition-SS; LS; white cart '70s version $5

Easy Listening