The mysterious SCHWANN PROJECT some weird MGM stuff

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I have been reading a pile of vintage Schwann Catalogs (remember them?) Here is a listing of records that sound interesting, but that I have never seen or heard, that I found listed in Schwann.

Bear in mind that this is not exactly a wantlist, it's more of a research effort. I am interested in the following information about the records listed below.

  1. Do they actually exist? Schwann had certain items listed that I know were never released- examples: The Iveys "Maybe Tomorrow" on Apple ST-3355 and Jan & Dean "Save For A Rainy Day" on Columbia CS-9461 were both listed for awhile. Also, some of the LP titles listed below may be missing, or incorrect- Schwann often left out LP titles entirely to save space, and sometimes seems to have used advance information on titles that were changed, but never updated their listings. Example: the second Three Dog Night LP was to be titled "Wizards Of Orange" but was changed to "It Ain't Easy" (the recalled "nude cover" album). Schwann listed the title as "Wizards Of Orange" right until the LP was deleted. So some of the records listed below might be, er, imaginary...
  2. What style of music are they? Some of these are likely Country & Western, Easy Listening / Instrumental, or MOR / Pop Vocals, but there is no way to tell without seeing or hearing them. I'm hoping to find some good lost '60s rock music here.
  3. If any of them are folk, folk-rock, rock, blues or soul, I would likely be interested in obtaining a copy.

I will be updating this page as I find out what these LP's really are, and adding more as I wade through the Schwann Catalogs. I have a pile of catalogs and the print is really tiny. Also, if anything is really obvious (like any of these are by famous C&W dudes or Opera Stars, etc), just let me know, nobody can know everything and I'm really just trying to expand my knowledge. Thanks to everybody who provided information so far! Some in this list have been confirmed to exist and I'm just wondering what style of music they contain...

Here goes:

Michael Allen-Act 1-London 544
Leigh Barron-Street Of Dreams-Accent 5037
Blues Section-Love 3
Blues Section-Some Of Love-Love 6 (these are Finnish LP's pre-Wigwam, why were they in Schwann? Was there a US issue on these two?)
Changes-Ampex 8185 (listed as cassette & 8-track only, is this the soundtrack that was on Nocturne Records on vinyl?)
George Clinton-Black Vampire-Invictus ST-9815 (somebody please tell me you have a tape of this unreleased album)
CPW-Out Of Time-Capitol 668
Forerunners-Genuine Imitation Life-Creative Sound 1564
Guy & David-This Is-Vanguard 79290 (is this a mistken listing for that Probe LP?)
Hoffman & French-Original Sound 8870
International Harvester-Sov Gott Rose Marie-Love 8005 (Swedish LP is on Silence Records, why was this in Schwann?)
Kids Of The Kingdom-Buena 4045 (might be a childrens record?)
Kildare Express-Walk On By-Brunswick 754162
Knight Ryders-Cuca 5500
M2-Mabu's Madness-Maple 6007
Anna Margarida-Anna-Vault 118
Matteo-What Could I Be-Ford 721
Ray Mefford-Sounds-Accent 5029
Morning Dew-Friends Of Mine-Capitol 743
Ted Nash-Repeat 100-5
Naushad-Song Of The Waves-Daisy 3603
Paul New Crew-Jubilee 5031
New Sound-Turbo 7002
Night Visitors-New World In The Morning-Juno 1002
Olive Branch-Winds Of Chance-London 44152
Optimistics-Turbo 7001 (R&B?)
Opus 1-Repeat 100-1
Party Girls For The Candidate-Jubilee 5029
George Scott-Find Someone To Love-Maple 6008
Second Time-Listen-Tower 5146 (does this actually exist?)
Shondells-At Saturday Hop-Louisianne 109
Signs Of Love-Parallax 4004
Stairway To The Stars-Ampex 80067 (tape only, might be B'way or film music?)
Richmond Talbott-Gettin' Plenty-Grunt 1010 (apparently cancelled)
Topsiders-Rock Goes Folk-Josie 4000
Total Eclipse-Imperial 12353
Wigwam-Love 9 (another Finnish import?)

Here are some that I've found info about and would like to find a copy:
F.J. McMahon-Spirit Of The Golden Juice-Accent 5049
Electrosonics-Philips 600-047
Outrage-Kama Sutra 8074
Casey Kasem-Astrology-Sidewalk 5905
Mauricio Smith-Bitter Acid-Mainstream 6085
Geno Washington & Ram Jam Band-Kapp 3515

Thanks for all your help! Imagine if Schwann had listed 45's...

MGM unissued albums

On a related note, I recently read a web discography of MGM which lists many LP's as "unissued". If anyone has any further info on the items listed below (especially if you have any tapes, acetates, CD's etc of the actual music available), please let me know. I would imagine some were released by other labels, and some were projects that were never recorded at all. I wonder what the people in charge of the label at the time were thinking by not releasing this stuff? Were these albums the victims of the Mike Curb 'purge' of MGM? Probably the Hendrix title would have been another comp of substandard early material, but what was the Jim Morrison LP supposed to contain?

E/SE-4604 - Judd & Lisa [unissued]
E/SE-4605 - Ian & Sylvia [unissued]
E/SE-4606 - Kangaroo [unissued]
E/SE-4610 - Chrysalis [unissued]
E/SE-4611 - Sam the Sham [unissued]
SE-4625 - Wakefield Sun [unissued]
SE-4627 - Cold Blood [unissued]
SE-4633 - Eric Burdon & Animals [unissued]
SE-4634 - Cat Mother & the All Night Newsboys [unissued]
SE-4635 - Amanda [unissued]
SE-4641 - Velvet Underground [unissued]
SE-4642 - Ultimate Spinach [unissued]
SE-4643 - Orpheus [unissued]
SE-4649 - Space Reflex - Dick Hyman [unissued]
SE-4661 - Mortimer [unissued]
SE-4684 - Jimi Hendrix [unissued]
SE-4693 - Jim Morrison [unissued]
SE-4697 - Jimmy Webb [unissued]
SE-4707 - Spencer Barefoot [unissued]
SE-4711 - Shaun Harris [unissued]
SE-4719 - Peter Noone [unissued]
SE-4734 - Bloomsbury People [unissued]