Jerome Tomko
PO BOX 1686 PLAINS PA 18705-0686 USA
TEL: 570/472-9137 (noon-10PM eastern [NYC] time)
FAX: 570/472-9489 (24 hours)




Browse the site, make your selections, then contact me to determine availability and to reserve your selections. When I receive your payment, your order will be shipped promptly (generally within 1-5 days, though during busy periods it may take 7-10 days, depending on volume).

Please read the "grading and returns policy" page (link at left) for relevant info before placing an order. 

Details as follows:  

How to reserve records
Domestic Payment & Shipping Information

Overseas Payment & Shipping Information 

Payments are accepted via Visa, M/C, AmEx, Discover (via PayPal), check, MO, IMO

PO Box 1686
Plains PA 18705-0686 USA


EMAIL me HERE (This email link should bring up an email from you to me. If not, my email address is shown below: )


(NOTE: if your email bounces or you don't get a reply within 48 hours, please call, fax or write).

PHONE: (570) 472-9137 noon-10PM Eastern (NYC) time.

You will get me, a busy signal, or the machine. 4th ring machine if you prefer not to leave a message- but PLEASE do not call repeatedly and hang up on the machine in an attempt to get me in person. Sometimes I am not here to answer the phone due to buying trips, etc. If you leave a message reserving records, I will call you back promptly IF any of your requests remain. If none of your requests are available, or you simply leave a message saying "I want to order something" without stating what you are attempting to reserve, I'm sorry, I will not be able to return your call. Also, I DO NOT return international calls (except Canada), sorry.

PLEASE only reserve items you will pay for quickly. Reservations are 3 weeks in US and 5 weeks overseas. ABSOLUTLEY NO EXCEPTIONS.  If you can't come up with the payment in that period, please DO NOT order. If you must cancel out on an order, please let me know within 2 weeks of ordering. Individuals who reserve records and never pay for them will not be able to place orders ever again. This will happen after the FIRST time you don't pay for something. 


PAYMENTS VIA MAIL must be payable to undergroundalbums.com. Money orders, cashiers checks, and personal checks are acceptable (checks may be held until clearance). Please DO NOT send cash unless it is well-concealed in a registered envelope- and even then, I would NOT recommend sending cash through the mail as it is very likely to be stolen.

PAYPAL: I accept PayPal, amd you can use MasterCard / Visa / Discover via PayPal for telephone, fax & mail orders. 

RETURNS POLICY is explained thoroughly on the Grading & Returns page (link on menu at left).

PA RESIDENTS MUST ADD 6% SALES TAX. Sales tax applies to postage charges as well.

MEDIA MAIL / DELIVERY CONFIRMATION SHIPMENT (if you want insurance added, ask).

1-3 LP's: $5 for media / delivery conf shipment

4-10 LP's: $8 for media / delivery conf shipment

7 or more LP's (ANY QUANTITY): $10 for media / delivery conf shipment

This is my "best deal" for USA shipments, it saves me calculating postage charges and saves you some money.

Please remember that USPS Media Mail is cheap because it is SLOW (can take 2 weeks or longer to the West Coast) and occasionally the USPS will open and inspect Media Mail shipments- they are checking to see if video games (not allowed at Media rate) are being mailed. (I don't sell video games or videos).

If you want faster domestic shipment, choose PRIORITY MAIL:


Your order will be weighed and billed at my approximate actual cost. Priority is getting expensive, just so you know.

If paying via mail, PLEASE INCLUDE a note or letter with payment stating your name, address, and what you are paying for. This is greatly appreciated!!


PAYMENTS VIA MAIL must be in US Dollars payable to undergroundalbums.com.

PAYPAL: I accept PAYPAL payments. CREDIT CARDS are accepted via PayPal. Safe and convenient. Your invoice will state the email address to which you can make your Paypal payment. 

MAILED PAYMENTS can be a bank check (cashier's check) or bank IMO in US$ drawn on a US bank (your bank can make one for you). Please make sure your bank check / IMO has ROUTING NUMBERS in black ink printed along the bottom edge of the check- my bank sometimes has problems with checks that omit these numbers. Postal IMO's are a safe payment method for Japanese and Canadian customers, but have been pretty much phased out by the US Postal Service for most other countries. You can also send money via WESTERN UNION, but this may be rather expensive for you. 

US cash sent well-concealed in a registered envelope is sent entirely at your risk. I do NOT RECOMMEND sending cash through the mails, even if it is registered. I have had several registered envelopes go missing in the past few years and given the current environment in the USA I would say that mailing cash is even more risky than usual as incoming packages and envelopes may be receiving extra scrutiny by the PO. One envelope sent registered by a customer in the UK was stolen by thieves at JFK Airport in NYC; the government eventually recovered the envelope and sent it to me, and even prosecuted the thieves, but the payment is gone forever.

Of course, PLEASE DON'T EVER send UNREGISTERED cash- at least 5 payments sent that way over the last few years never arrived here, and there is absolutely nothing I can do about unregistered letters lost in the mail.

IF YOU MUST SEND CASH I would recommend using a private carrier (i.e. FedEx, UPS et al)- I will have to give you a different address for this option as private carriers cannot ship to USA PO boxes. Inquire if need be.

WIRE TRANSFERS are available for large orders (over $500). ASK if you wish to use this option.

SHIPPING CHARGES:  I will bill you at my APPROXIMATE COST. Please note that as of JANUARY 28th 2013 the rates have increased. The rate categories were changed several years back (they are not changing those again, fortunately). Current applicable rate categories are as follows:

EMS, GEM, Express Airmail, etc are now Express Mail International (EMI). Insurance up to $100 declared value is free, and can be purchased for higher values. Includes tracking number.

Air Letter Post (formerly Small Packet) is now First-Class Mail International (FCMI). For one LP sent to UK, Greece, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan, Australia, etc, airmail will now be around $24 for the first LP plus $5 (or more) for each additional LP. This rate class only applies to parcels up to four pounds weight (about 5 LP records), just as it always has. FCMI can be sent registered but cannot be insured, just like letter post was before. Registered mail is available. Otherwise FCMI now includes a tracking number- this is also the customs serial number.

Air Parcel Post is now Priority Mail International (PMI). This rate will only be used for parcels of 4 pounds weight or higher (usually, any order containing more than 5 LP records, or if you insist on insured shipment for a lighter weight parcel). PMI can be insured but not registered, just like Parcel Post was before. Insurance starts at $2.45 for $50 declared value and goes up from there. ONE LP sent via Priority Mail Int'l to UK, Greece, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Japan, Australia may cost $35+ so it's best to use this service class only for larger or valuable parcels. Includes tracking number.

Surface Mail (aka Economy) no longer exists, sorry to say.

REGISTRATION & INSURANCE: I am not responsible for any uninsured / unregistered parcel once it is mailed. Insurance or registration optional, I will bill you at my approximate cost.

Registration is $11.75, is available only on parcels under 4lbs weight, and includes minimum insurance.

Insurance by itself is available only on packages over 4lbs weight, and costs $2.45 for up to $50 declared value, and goes up from there.  

Insured / registered value & value on customs declaration must be equal. Please note that you will only be able to make a claim for the declared / insured / registered amount should something get lost or damaged.

IMPORTANT: I am NOT RESPONSIBLE for uninsured / unregistered parcels lost or damaged in the mails. Please note that parcels sent insured or registered to any address outside the USA must be insured or registered for the exact amount declared on the customs form, and in the event of loss or damage, it is that exact same amount that will be paid to you by the postal insurance. If the BUYER is outside the USA and chooses not to purchase registration or insurance for the full value of their order, and their order is subsequently lost or damaged in the mail, the BUYER agrees to accept responsibility for the loss, and further agrees that the seller WILL NOT offer any refund or any further recourse for recovery of the value of the lost or damaged item(s). Purchase of any item(s) from this website constitutes the buyer's full and unconditional agreement with the seller's terms stated above.

Finally, I cannot send anything out BEFORE receiving payment in full, NO EXCEPTIONS.  I do not offer shipment via any other service besides the US Mail, and I do not offer any type of US Mail service other than the services listed above. Please DO NOT request any other terms (M-bag, UPS, private carriers, shipment before receiving payment, etc). I cannot ship your parcel "ahead of the queue" simply because you want it right away, either. Parcels are shipped out in the order payment is received.

email your order HERE

NOTE: if your email bounces or you don't get a reply within 24 hours, please call, fax or write.