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Only one copy available of each item unless a quantity is stated in (parentheses) before the price

(ALL ITEMS listed on the site ARE USA STEREO ORIGINAL VINYL LP PRESSINGS UNLESS NOTED: WG=German, UK=British, NL=Dutch, FR=France, IT=Italy, etc.)

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ARNOLD'S WRECKING CO.-OST-East Coast-VG/M-; top seam badly worn, blown out & taped else nice '73 orig on same Philly label as that "Surprize" LP, from underground dope movie (anybody ever seen it?), pretty good psych / rock w/ "Marijuana", "The Story Of Dope" etc $75


BAKERY-The Rock Mass For Love-Decca-VG++/EX; psb; back cover yellowing; scarce '71 US press of Aussie prog / psych / jazz mass $25

B.B. BLUNDER-Workers' Playtime-Polydor-VG++/EX; WLP; '70 third Blossom Toes LP under different name $15

THE BEACON STREET UNION-Eyes Of-black MGM-VG++/EX; 4" ts; h; few scuffs; 1" stkr residue /slt tears ofc; '68 Boston heavy fuzz psych effects laden LP w/ punky edge, weird spoken bits $25

THE BEATLES-(JOHN LENNON)-Live Peace In Toronto 1969-UK Apple CORE 2001-EX/M-; fully laminated G&L sleeve, probably mid 1970s press $15


:-(PAUL McCARTNEY)-Wild Life-UK Apple-M-/M-; 72 orig w/ pinched ends on spine $40

:-Live And Let Die (OST)-UA-VG+/M-; not cutout; moderate rw; '73 $8

:-Choba B CCCP-Russia Melodiya-EX/M-; red labels, 13 tracks $15


THE BERMUDA JAM-Dynovoice-M-/M-; h; nice '68 mix of mod-soul and pop-psych w/ weird spoken Firesign-ish bits between tracks $25

BLACK SABBATH-Vol. 4-'Burbank' WB-M-/M-; in shrink; thick booklet gatefold circa '77 press, top seam is beginning to split under shrink at center (not bad) otherwise as new, was SS, opened to check label $50


SONNY BONO-Inner Views-tricolor Atco-SS; h; probably old cutout bin reseal; fun LP of cool '67 pseudo-Dylan folkrock weirdness w/ sitars, 'heavy' lyrics, long tracks $25

DAVID BOWIE-Lodger-black RCA-M-/M-; psb; titles sticker obc; '79 orig w/ innersleeve $15

:-John,I'm Only Dancing (Again) 1975/John, I'm Only Dancing (1972)-UK black RCA-EX/M-; '79 UK orig in regular thin card 12" pic cvr $10

:-1980 All Clear-RCA-strong EX/EX; WLP; '79 rare original of promo-only comp in b&w cover $35

:-Fashion (4:45)/same (3:23) -black RCA-M- $8 OR EX $5; ALL= promo labels; '80 12" in RCA "Dance Music" sleeve

:-Original Soundtack From The Film Christiane F.-black RCA-M-/M-; slt sawcut; in shrink; '82 orig w/ innersleve $15

:-In Bertolt Brecht's Baal-black RCA-M-/M-; in shrink w/ hype sticker; slt sawcut; '82 orig 5-track mini-LP $15

:-Cat People (OST)-Backstreet-M-/M-; psf; '82 orig Moroder score $8

:-Cat People (Putting Out Fire)/edited-Backstreet-M-; WLP; '82 12" in plain sleeve $8

:-Let's Dance/Cat People-EMI America-SS; shrink cut to apply gold foil numbered psf; might have promo labels; '83 orig 12" w/ PS $10

:-Let's Dance (Long Version)/Let's Dance (Short Version)/Cat People-EMI America-M-; '83 promo copy in plain 12" sleeve w/ gold psb $8

:-China Girl (Long Version)/Shake It (Long Version)-EMI America-SS; shrink cut to apply numbered gold foil psf $10 OR M-/M- stock $5

:-Modern Love (Live Version)/same-EMI America-M-; plain white label in plain 12" sleeve which has radio call letters written on one side, other has a photocopied "Bowie Boxing" crossword puzzle taped on, no idea if that was put there by EMI or some DJ or promo person, never seen another, no reference anywhere online, the actual 12" is common $10

:-Golden Years-black RCA-M-/M-; slt sawcut; '83 hits comp $10

:-Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (OST)-MCA-M-/M-; psf; '83 orig Ryuichi Sakomoto score; Bowie starred in film (no Bowie music) $8

:-1984/TVC 15-RCA-M-/M-; WLP; '84 promo 12" $8

:-Tonight-EMI America-M-/M-; mostly in shrink w/ hype sticker , was cut to apply numbered gold foil psf $10 OR M-/EX $5; BOTH='84 orig w/ innersleeve

:-Blue Jean (Extended Dance Mix)/Dancing With The Big Boys (Extended Dance Mix)/(Extended Dub Mix)-EMI America-M-/M-; hype stkr ofc; numbered golf foil psf; '84 orig 12" $8

:-(With MICK JAGGER)-Dancing In The Street (3 Versions)-EMI America-M-/M-; ph; hype sticker ofc; '84 orig 12" $5

:-Underground (Edited Version)/(LP Version)-EMI America-M-/M-; '86 orig promo 12" $8

:-Magic Dance (3 Versions)-EMI America-M-/M-; ph; '86 orig 12" $5

:-Never Let Me Down-EMI America-M-/M-; ph; '87 orig w/ innersleeve $8

:-Day In Day Out (Extended Dance Mix)/(Extended Dub Mix)/Julie-EMI America-M-/M-; '87 orig 12" $5

:-Never Let Me Down ( 5 Versions)/87 And Cry-EMI America-M-; '87 12" in plain sleeve w/ promo hole (3) $5

:-Time Will Crawl (2 Versions)/Girls (2 Versions)-EMI America-M-; '87 12" in plain sleeve w/ promo hole; former owner of all this Bowie stuff included some Miami Herald press clippings & Bowie ticket stub from 9/18/1987 Orange Bowl show with this 12" $10


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