Jerome Tomko
PO BOX 1686 PLAINS PA 18705-0686 USA
TEL: 570/472-9137 (noon-10PM eastern [NYC] time)

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Specialized in '60s / '70s psychedelic, garage, folk, hard rock, progressive, obscure rock, etc on original-issue vinyl LP's. Buy / Sell / Trade.


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HEY EVERYBODY... I am bringing new stock to shows these days. Hope to list some things on here eventually haven't had time, sorry! 

(UPDATED 8/10/23): Upcoming record show dates: 8/12/23: Wayne NJ, 9/9/23 Wayne NJ, 9/10/23 Massapequa NY, 9/17/23 Hamden, CT, 10/1/23 Plainville CT, 10/14/23 Wayne NJ. More show dates added soon. Hope to seee you there!

IMPORTANT: most of my email address list died with my last computer. If you want an email when I add records here, send me an email with your email address to  Print catalogs are probably gone for good but you never know, we are living in strange times. Stay well everybody...


Use the menu at left to navigate the site. PLEASE read the "ordering info" page BEFORE ordering! To reserve items, just click on the email link to open an email to me, then type (or copy and paste) the titles & prices of the items you want from my site into the email, then send it to me along with your shipping info. I will reply promptly with a bill. No shopping cart as I generally do not have quantities available on many items- most are one of a kind and sold first-come, first-served.


Overseas postage will be charged at my APPROXIMATE ACTUAL COST for each specific service.

VAT: let me know if you need any special procedures (an invoice in the parcel, etc). I will be marking parcels sent into the EU with an invoice on outside of the parcel so that VAT will be calculated and collected from the buyer by the postal service in your country. I do not have any means or authority to precollect and remit VAT from international buyers, sorry. If this is a problem let me know, but there is really nothing I can do about the system in your country, sorry to say. Assume that you will be charged VAT when your records arrive based upon purchase price and shipping cost.




MEDIA MAIL / DELIVERY CONFIRMATION SHIPMENT (if you want insurance added, ask).

1-3 LP's: $4 for media / delivery conf shipment

4-10 LP's: $6 for media / delivery conf shipment

7 or more LP's (ANY QUANTITY): $8 for media / delivery conf shipment

This is my "best deal" for USA shipments, it saves me calculating postage charges and saves you some money.

Please remember that USPS Media Mail is cheap because it is SLOW (can take 2 weeks or longer to the West Coast) and occasionally the USPS will open and inspect Media Mail shipments- they are checking to see if video games (not allowed at Media rate) are being mailed. (I don't sell video games or videos).

If you want faster domestic shipment, choose PRIORITY MAIL:


LPs: ASK when you order, I'll quote at my approximate cost. The priority rates vary greatly by distance so the old flat rates I used to quote are pretty much useless. I don't try to make money on postage, I try to charge what it costs me to mail your parcel, the costs of tape, boxes, padding, labels, gas, my tme, etc are my business costs and aren't added to the ship quote.

Any number of 45's: $6 per order priority/ insured

Mix of 45's and LP's in the same package: you will be charged postage *ONLY* for the LP's in your order.

USPS priority rates are now calculated by distance AND weight AND parcel size.



If you have records to sell, please click on "buy / trade" link on the menu at left for detailed info and instructions.

For the most part, I only buy collectable rock, folk, soul & jazz records manufactured from about 1955-1972, and only in top condition. I am most interested in buying records from these kinds of collections:

1) Collections that were accumulated by persons in the music business (radio, advertising, promotion, distribution, retail, etc). This means collections that have a lot of DJ copies ("white label promos") and / or unplayed or sealed stock (unsold warehouse or retail inventory). Anybody from newspaper writers to radio station employees to ex-warehouse drivers to ex-shop clerks might have this type of material in their collections.

2) Collections containing a lot of British or European import LP's by "underground" rock groups circa 1966-1972. In other words, the kind of records you saw in the import bins in hip record shops in those days. If you used to work at JEM or Peters Int'l in those days and have lots of old imports, CALL ME NOW!

3) Collections purchased pre-1980 of original-label "classic rock" music in clean condition. I do not want any records that are scratched or have worn or damaged jackets.  People who have 25-100 LP's they played to death on a 'suitcase' or 'all-in-one' record changer probably don't have much that I would buy. People who bought 5000+ LPs during the 1960s-70s (or bought a lot of mostly older records in the 1980s) probably have a bunch of LP's for which I would pay well! Generally, huge collections owned by one person (I'm speaking of personal collections- not huge 'accumulations' from yard-sale, flea-market or estate-sale pickers or sellers) will mostly remain in top condition, given proper storage; nobody has enough time to give heavy play to multi thousands of albums...

This info pertains to rare / collectable records purchased thru the mails. If you are nearby (reasonable drive to/from Wilkes-Barre, PA area) and I can pick up your records in person, I will consider entire big collections, cheaper stuff, etc. Just ask...